Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eat To Live Post I

Hi Everyone!

There is change in the air.  I'm starting to go vegetarian for health reasons.  My husband has gone Vegan and has already reaped the benefits with a loss of 20 lbs and now is off his cholesterol as well as blood pressure medications. He is following Dr. Esselstyn's book called "Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease".  My husbands grandfather passed away at 40 years old, his uncle passed away early and his dad has had 2 heart attacks and 8 stents put in.  He decided since we have a couple years until we're both 40, he wanted to prevent all possibilities of Heart Disease and watch his daughter grow while growing old with me, his wife.  So far this method has already started working and it's been 3 months.

While it's taken me just a little bit longer to get the grasp the thought of not having the meat as the show on my plate, I'm working harder than ever to change my eating habits so I can get rid of my insulin pump and live to see my daughter grow up.  I am reading "Eat To Live" and it's starting to sink in the scientific basis behind why lack of nutrients in high caloric foods is making our nation fat and sick with chronic illnesses.  Eating a nutrient packed meal filled with fresh fruits and veggies while adding daily exercise is THE only way to lose weight, keep it off and in most cases disease proof your body.  I'm at the beginning stages of this hard yet rewarding journey.

Here is a recipe for raw chocolate macaroons I tried and loved.  It's a great way for a chocoholic like me to get a healthy chocolate dessert without all the calories and is "in the raw".

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