Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Frustration With Medical Care.

Hm, I used to get into my endocrinologist with no problems at all when I needed him. Then his office became a practice which has taken in more specialists, PCP'S and ENT Dr.'s.  It was then that they lost personal contact with me as their patient. I started feeling like I was cattle going in to be marked and less like a human being they cared about.

The front desk started asking people what the problem was before they'd patch them into the Dr.'s or their nurses and my scripts were supposed to be easier going "paperless" because they were phoning them in only to find they hadn't and it would take several more tries to get my medications.

Now that my weight is going down, my blood sugars are starting to go down DRASTICALLY in what almost seems like overnight.  I called the diabetic educator who has been AMAZING as all the changes started taking place, and she reduced my insulin over half since Monday.  She's said my body is starting to use it's own insulin instead of needing countless amounts pushed in (any leftover stores as fat in the body by the way). Insulin Resistance is pretty much almost gone.

Today I called her to follow up, and during workouts because I'm still having lows in between will be cut in half yet again. She said she would see me at my appointment with her at the end of May.

I know I can call her and get an emergency appointment, but there is NO WAY I'm going to make it to the end of may when my numbers are 115 pretty much across the board AFTER meals.  I've had 65's twice tonight which really put me close to fainting spells.

Luckily I have a husband who is an RN and we've identified that I need to eat MORE.  I'm barely keeping my numbers at 115 and this is after a HUGE portion of food on my plate AND a handful of cashews with vegan chocolate chips.  I'm REALLY full!

Luckily I have an appointment with my new PCP I found several months ago that has been personally working with me. My labs are in (though I highly doubt the past two weeks really count as a 3 month average yet) and I get the results.

If the low's continue to come, I'm going to have him deal with everything and call it a day. The downside to that is even though I'll be on oral meds, we're going to have to find the right dosage and that could take a while. I don't deal well with some of the side-effects.   All these lows are not only making me weak but VERY emotional.

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