Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be Mindful Of What Goes Into Our Mouths

"Day 8 of 10 Days. 5 Ways. 1 Healthiest Year!" by Plant-Based Dietitian. Be MINDFUL of what your putting into your mouth. This is something that is actually starting to click with me. What I go to when I'm stressed, how missing someone or something will take me back to eating "comfort food". Now I'm starting to see the Triggers not just that cause the unhealthy eating or binging BUT what foods don't feel so good anymore. I.E. I haven't had a soda in a VERY long time. I usually drink LOTS of water or iced tea with lemon. I hadn't had even a quarter of the soda when I started feeling heart palpitations and couldn't breathe very well. Down the drain went that dollar soda that I wasted money on. Even worse was the feeling I had for HOURS. My body is getting used to the healthier alternatives and is rejecting the junk.

Practicing Meditation. Now some people think as Christians we cannot "Practice" meditation. Isn't that what focusing on God and Scripture really is? That alone time to BREATHE. Close our eyes, focus on Scripture, and as my husband shared with me the other day...Pray SCRIPTURE. Use Gods word to pray over our lives, over others while just taking time to breathe. Release the stressors around us and renew our minds and spirits. WITH Him, FOR us. 

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