Monday, June 23, 2014

A Muggy But Overall Successful Ride

60 laps (20 miles) on the bike today. No brick thank God Almighty! Here's how it felt. Muggy, REALLY muggy, A gust of flipping wind to make it harder. Just when I kept getting to the reach of another lap, a sweet older man left his sprinkler on JUST out of reach while saying, "you know 3 laps is a mile right?". I laughed a little when I told him it didn't matter because I had to get 60 laps in. He told me before I left he didn't want to get me wet. Hahaha Little did he know I was dying. Pavlov's Dog seems to ring a bell at that moment.

Still, I can't even BEGIN to comprehend what the athletes went through yesterday in the heat when it was hard enough with my 60 laps. I'm EXHAUSTED!

My coach makes it look like a dip in the pool, a short bike ride up a hill and a stroll through the park. I had respect for him before, but a whole lot more now that I've seen first hand how EXTREME the conditions were. These people pay big bucks to endure pain! Hahaha

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