Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Using The Side Stroke

I am NOT confident with the swim part of the triathlon. The only time I've ever swam has been on vacation. Nothing to save my life and nothing more than a nice breezy vacation kind of stroke. The last swim/bike/run training I had two weeks ago, it was AGAINST the current. Everything I learned in swim class at the YMCA was null and void in the open water swim against the current.

Today I'm not sure what the water will be like until I get in. What I noticed last time is that I did not like my face in the filthy water with my eyes open. I didn't care that I had my goggles on. The water has been known to have bacteria in it. I also had a tough time measuring where the buoy was when my face was in the water. How exactly can you tell?!

To add to the problem. I put anti fog on my goggles and instead of washing with water and letting them dry, I used my hands and a towel and dried the anti fog off. I couldn't see.  It was AWFUL!  THIS is the time to learn what the mistakes are so I can correct them before race day.

What one of the assistant coaches thought, was that it would be better for me to learn the side stroke in these conditions. I'm going to try it today and see if it will make me faster, more accurate to the buoy and back so that it doesn't mess with my bike time and my run time. I NEED to be faster.

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