Friday, April 25, 2014

Bike Training Brought A New Workout.

What came after my hour bike training. A Monster Walk. (only my bands were lower) It burned. It REALLY burned.
My bike training was at the easiest gear straight away with no real resistance. Or was there Coach? Come to think of it, I was on a different trainer and the lowest gear didn't feel as easy as the other trainer so maybe there was "hidden" resistance I didn't know about?! Hahaha Needless to say, I felt like hurling ON the bike and doing The Monster Walk a couple times with two different bands made me feel the burn.
I didn't like either today, but afterwards I felt great and I'm quite aware of the fact that doing Monster "squats" will burn the heck out of this fat. BURN baby BURN! Get that fat off!! Get outa here FAT! lol
If your looking for me, I'll be the one crashed out on the couch icing my knees. I'm tired. I'm not sure how people do mega marathons or 70.3's. Your all pretty awesome! 

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