Monday, April 28, 2014

Disappointments Happen, But You MUST Listen To Your Body!

A disappointing training is one that never happened.  ((sigh)) 

As I wait for the team of Dr.'s to change things, I had to recover from the last 3 days worth of lows and heart palpitations from what I'm guessing is thyroid medication that needs to be lowered. 

I'm a numbers person however, and I have in my head a time I'd like to reach for my ride in the race in August. I don't want just the numbers but the quality. It means I need to be consistent on the bike and these setbacks make me pretty frustrated and emotional. Not to mention that my coach, husband, and daughter have put a lot of time and support in along with me. Nobody is pressuring me, but I certainly feel the need to do my absolute best. Not just for myself, but all those who have put their love, support and resources into helping me.

I see changes in my body as well as in my overall health, I just want to be sure I keep the right pace.

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