Friday, April 11, 2014

Finally Some Great News On What's Been An Uphill Battle. Hooray!

We've just come back from Syracuse Orthopedics where I have to give props to Dr. Battaglia who also is quite impressed with my coach Jamie Campbell. 

I got great news and only a small obstacle instead of a big one. It turns out I have some pretty bad inflammation behind both knees. He was pretty impressed with how far I've come and how much pain I pushed through. 

I got a cortisone shot (I feel like a real athlete now), a MONTHS worth of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory to help me get ahead of the pain and physical therapy to help me rebuild my knees to optimal standards.

I can ride for the most part but as far as running goes I'm back to just aqua jogging until my knees get a little bit stronger.

Before he left he said that my coach has been right on with using aqua jogging and he was pretty impressed with the fact that he cared more about overall health than just getting me to the finish line. Which really says a lot about my coach. He's always said he's not doing this just to help me lose the weight. It's a holistic approach to overall wellness that will not just help me lose weight but KEEP it off with lifestyle change. Thanks Jamie!

Finally, before I left the Dr. said "keep up the good work kiddo" for every 10 lbs you lose, your knees get more longevity of use to keep them healthy (I hope I said it right). He said he was proud of me for accomplishing what I set out to do.

Today is the first day I feel CONFIDENT that I will reach my goals. I was concerned about all the obstacles. This latest one is a minor obstacle and I can't WAIT to build these knees to reach a new type of potential that will change the rest of my and my families lives forever. Amazing!

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