Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Low Impact For 2-3 Weeks. Alternative Training Schedule To Come.

Well, it looks like the 3rd sinus infection I got two weeks ago has caused quite the ruckus. I have to keep in mind that as a Diabetic life is so much different from that of a healthy persons.
I have multiple infections in and around my mouth, esophagus and intestinal tract. Nothing that anyone can contract of course, but due to a combination of good stress on the body as well as the typical weakening of the immune system that comes with diabetics I have to wait it out and get aggressive.
As I was listening to the bad news, I refused to wallow in the frustration and figure out a new plan for low impact. This of course means I have to closely watch what I eat even on a plant based diet.
What gave me a new perspective was thinking of how much I want to kick this disease where it counts and look back come fall to see how far I've come without quitting. I'll see these moments where I worked hard physically but also fought hard to reverse disease and illness.
Please, if you learn ANYTHING from me let it be that eating what gives you instant gratification isn't always the healthiest choice for you nor will eating to soothe change anything that happens in your life.
We have to be our own advocates, eat healthy, be physical and take charge. I give God all the glory over my life and He has blessed me abundantly. It really is about balance physically, mentally and spiritually.

Hugs and blessings dear friends!

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