Friday, January 24, 2014

Pushing The Limits To Finish Over 1/2 The Mileage Of A 5k. Hooray

Did My C25K workout this evening. It was great to workout at 7pm instead of the usual 2am workouts.  We do this so we can exercise together before bed with my husbands work schedule.  It has proven to be tiresome though and it leaves less room for sleep.

SLEEP. What's that?!  I know hormones have played a role in why I don't sleep as well as anxiety & depression.  What I've also come to the conclusion of is that I also deal with Seasonal Depression.  Vitamin D deficiency which I now have to raise MUCH higher than the prescription so I'm take over the counter AND prescription (suggested by my Dr.).  Since I'm starting to feel LESS anxious though, I find I'm taking the prescription to help with sleep. NOT really what it's recommended for. So I've asked to taper off the anxiety med and am now using Ambien to help me sleep.  Without sleep, my body won't be able to recover from the exercise not to mention that sleep is important for us.  So I'm going to try it for the season and see if this helps my moods by getting the sleep I need.  Which comes to my final point.  I liked the earlier workout. Doug stood by me and "coached" as I ran 4.5 for 25 minutes in interval training. 10 minutes of warmup and cool down.  In 35 minutes I made it to 1.77 miles leaving me with just 1.3 miles left to cover to get me ready for a 5K.

This of course doesn't mean when I reach that goal it's over. Let's not forget I have to swim 300 meters and bike 30K which is about 18.6 miles and THEN run the 5k. Transition from biking to running will be VERY interesting.

What has me nervous is there are cut off times for each leg of the race. If I don't make them, I'm cut from completing the rest.  I know I have 7 months left to train, but this is starting to get REAL.  Let remember I haven't done ANYTHING like this in my life! I am considered an obese woman with diabetes, hypothyroid, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and if I'm at all being honest, I'm coming from an eating addiction. I ate to soothe anxiety, anger and frustration.

This of course is changing over time. But I have a heck of a long way to go mentally, physically AND spiritually. 7 months seems like a long time, but in all honesty I'm carrying a whole lot of baggage. This fat on my body represents baggage of all kinds. I push ahead, but I also wonder "Am I REALLY ready?"  Then I think "What the HECK did I get myself into?!"

This is a part of my journey.  One that right now I'm enjoying.  I mean, I just ran over half of what I need in order to get through the 5k.  That's AMAZING.  A fun thing that happened during was the songs that came on the Iheart Radio channel. We started out with "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera,  As I was FORCING myself to get air from the run I tried SO HARD not to laugh as the PERFECT song choice came on "Catch My Breath" by Kelly Clarkson.  As I finished the final part of the program , Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" played.   The whole time as I ran gasping for air and hoping to finish the program, I watched my husband and daughter in the corner of my eye as they were dancing together.  It extended into dancing fits once he and Little Bear helped me to stretch.   It became a family thing. Exercise became a choice for us to BE together reaping the labor of hard work for the benefit of the "vessel" that God created.  If I do say so myself once again...I finished over HALF the distance I need to finish a 5K! Once I reach that goal, I'll work hard on perfecting the time.

I'm so proud of myself. This is the longest I've gone 1st with a new plant based lifestyle and now with a form of exercise that pushes me OVER the limits of what I ever thought I could do.  Today as I sat in the Dr.'s office, He said he was happy with where my labs were and couldn't WAIT to see them again in 3-4 months time when my hope is to lower insulin levels even more AND raise my GOOD cholesterol.

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