Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Good And The VERY UGLY moments of training. Getting out of my head and learning NOT to focus on the numbers.

Had my very first meltdown on the treadmill tonight. lol Luckily the heart monitor my friend so kindly sent helped us to figure everything out. I was REALLY winded at the speed I've been recently doing and could barely pass 3 minutes. We found out I was over my zone by 8bpm. I looked at my husband and started to cry uncontrollably. "how will I ever finish a 5k if I can't get through 3 minutes at 4.5 speed?!" He kindly said we have to lower your speed for now until you build up endurance. Very grateful to our friendBethany not just for sending me this monitor, but for questioning whether I was monitoring my heart rate to be sure I wasn't over my heart rate zone. Onward and upward right? ((sigh))

***Words from my coach...Only use the HRM as a guild line, DO NOT get "married" to those numbers. There are way to many if's and's or but's when it comes to HR. This is why I haven't gotten you one yet. Just dial in your p/e and you will always wko to the level you body needs and wants at this point. " Not every run is good" But there is something good in every run"!

You are looking at the data too close and directly comparing numbers, " I was winded on a wko I normally can handle" "Oh I see my H/R is 8bpm over" That 8bpm could have come from anywhere, lack of fluid, lack of sleep, stress etc etc.... You became stressed over the wko for no reason, you need to understand your body before you try to apply any numbers. I don't want those numbers holding you back.

You are learning how to push beyond old barriers, push hard when you can, take a rest when you really need to and learning how to listen to your mind/body as a whole! Not one aspect that has a many diff variables.

I have to say that my coach is very inspirational. I respect him. I'm not looking at the WHOLE picture.  I've never done this before so I can't expect to understand it quite yet. THIS is what a coach is for. I'm just SO grateful for him. 

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