Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tonights Dinner And Getting Through The Negative Thoughts

What's for dinner? A BIG salad with "salad boost" which provides sprouted seeds and superfoods to the salad. Adding vegan poppyseed dressing from Wegmans. A nice sweet potato with vegan butter, coriander and cinnamon. Iced tea to drink.

Tonight I have another jog on the treadmill and some basic H.I.I.T small workout.

How I'm feeling. Today I feel great physically.  I've been fighting "perspective" issues since last week. I want to see the "apron" tummy go.  Lets be honest here. It's not coming off with only a month and a half in. I wish I could say there's some magic pill folks but it's going to take work.  Each day when I get that negative attitude. I remind myself that if I "quit" because I don't see results. I won't hit my goal.  The KEY is to keep trudging forward even when my mind is saying I it won't happen. Even on those days I feel it's hopeless.

The only way this is hopeless is if I quit. If I quit then the weight will come back on and I'll continue getting sicker and fatter.  So what's my choice?! Do I want to continue getting sicker and fatter leaving my husband and child without a wife and mother? OR do I want to work my butt off, fight through the pain and the negative attitude to actually CHANGE my perspective, what goes through my mouth and the burn from the workouts to actually LIVE.

I can tell you the benefits FAR outweigh the work it takes to reach this goal.

30 minutes. 1 and a half miles on the treadmill at 4.5 and some warmup and cool down. I definitely hit my limit tonight.  Trying to build up my endurance level.  Walked sideways and backwards to work more leg muscles then did 60 jumping jacks, 1 min. of squats with 10 second holds x 2 as well as upper and lower abdominal exercises for 1 minute.   I wish this fat would melt off NOW, but I'll keep trucking until I see results. I'll NEVER go back to being sick and fat again once it's off. I'm working WAY too hard for it to happen again!

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