Friday, January 3, 2014

The Danger Of Over-consuming Coconut Oils. The Hidden Truth...

There has been SO much talk about coconut oil and it's benefits and I've seen SO many posts from people over-using it. Coconut Oil has 10 times the amount of saturated fats than olive oil. As a wife of a Cardiac Nurse, this is a HUGE concern for us. Too much bad fats can cause heart disease. Over consumption of this oil can over time cause health issues. ESPECIALLY if your feeding this to your children on a daily basis. The article goes on to say the following:

"There is one major caveat: the benefits seem to apply only when coconut products are consumed as part of a diet rich in high-fiber plant foods and lacking processed foods." Which means that using this oil daily if you eat processed foods and not a full whole foods diet will NOT benefit you.

The difference between coconut oil verses whole coconut is that coconut oil should be viewed just as other refined oils and consumed in "limited" quantities like a treat. If your going to make coconut a part of your diet, the best QUALITY is a whole coconut where you can drink the water, use the meat in "small quantities in smoothies, make your coconut milks and make shredded dried coconut. ALL with just 1 fresh coconut.

Please, if your eating coconut oil daily. STOP THE INSANITY! You'll only end up in a cardiac unit over time if you continue.

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