Saturday, January 11, 2014

Workouts Continue. Attitude, Health and Food

Mon 5 min. x 2 @ 2.5spd on the C25K App.  2 minutes x 2 @ 4.2 and 3 minutes x 2 @ 4.2. Cooldown.

Wed.   5 min. x 2 @ 2.9spd on the C25K App.  3 minutes x 2 @ 4.2 and 4 minutes x 2 @ 4.2. Cooldown.

Sat.  1hr 15 minutes on the bike at spd1. Last 15 minutes at spd 2.  *Need work on leg strength. Close to none, but then I think we already could guess that with the apron fat around my belly.  It's not easy to exercise with that much weight in the middle.

Blood Sugar was 81 this morning and I didn't get any sleep. I DID NOT feel much like exercising and was in a total pissy mood.  One Doug always seems to help get me through.  I'm grateful for him and appreciative TO him for loving me. ALL of me.

I had a smoothie consisting of 1 lime, 1 green apple, 1 small cucumber, coconut water to help during training, 1 pitted peach, fresh mint and fresh parsley leaves.  Oh it tasted SO nice!

Lots of water, plant based protein bar and on the way home bought a veggie sub on 9 grain at subway with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and banana peppers. They always give me flavor and I'm glad to eat them.

Recovery nap at 3pm when Amelia naps. Woke up and had a snack of a small handful of cachews, 1 small under-ripe(I love it with green still on) banana and coconut water for restoring the electrolytes to my body due to major cramping in my legs lately.

May do another treadmill workout tonight consisting of walking BACKWARDS to condition my legs. Boy do I need it.

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