Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Day FILLED With Encouragement!

Snow storm started today. I LOVE this weather though.  If you have the right attitude, it's a way to meet your neighbors.  Doug shoveled before he left so I decided to go out several hours later to keep up with it. I'm glad I did.  Since starting this Triathlon Training Journey, I've noticed a lot of changes.

This  morning I stepped on the dreaded devil scale to find I hadn't gained but lost 18 lbs.  That scale has gone up and down more than a yoyo. It's been frustrating, so I RARELY use it but have been focusing more on how I'm feeling and seeing loss in inches rather than the numbers.

The other difference is that I was able to shovel THE WHOLE DRIVEWAY pretty much without stopping.  I wasn't out of breath and even felt pretty good after. I got another sweat on folks!

The evening brought a treadmill workout which consisted of a 5 minute incline warmup, a 20 minute power walk at 2.9 and another 5 minute cool down.  I looked at my heart rate monitor to find that I was in "the zone" 28 of the 30 minutes. I felt GREAT and I noticed my thought process was a positive one. I felt proud to have come so far.

There's only 6 months left of training until IG.  At times I have no idea HOW I'm going to do it.  Sometimes I want to run away or wonder how I ever got myself into this.   It's days like this though, that put me back into a positive perspective.

Coach and several friends kept telling me that I'm not racing anyone else. I'm running against myself. My own time, my own pace. To move faster than I did today, yesterday and several months and years ago.  Looking back, I CAN see how far I've come.   God tells us not to worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.  His words ring true. Do today what you can do and worry about the things of tomorrow...well, TOMORROW!

What I ate today:   Oatmeal with ground flax seed, a teaspoon of natural and local maple syrup and a half of chopped banana.

                              Lunch, homemade cashew carrot & ginger soup with lite coconut milk and herbs
                              Snack of 1 mean green fresh juice

                             Dinner, pasta with diced tomatoes, garlic, italian spices and turnip greens

                              After workout RAW protein Bar

                              Snack of cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers and a tablespoon of hummus

                             Lots and lots of water with 2 glasses of iced tea.


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