Friday, February 21, 2014

Disappointing Workout, Something Learned, And A Great Group Of Tri Girls!

1 hour on the bike @ Bikeloft N. Disappointing workout but glad I didn't quit. Feeling like I'm going to hurl, icing knee's and found out that my legs are turning out. I nearly died laughing when my coach showed me the position. 14 years of dancing lessons have paid off...It was Plies position (though not good form). Now I need to UNlearn twisting my legs because they're hurting my knees. The harder my workouts get, the more work I see to rethink old habits and start new healthier ones. Recovery time!

I also had a great time this evening with the Tri To Train Group.  I felt so good after that informational meeting. Each of the seasoned group members talked about their experience, what let them to it and what their goals were.  I actually walked away thinking I could pull this triathlon goal off. Haha

The girls meet come spring to help each other reach their goals, pray for one another and push each other when we need it.

I really have to say that having SO MUCH support is helping me.  I am grateful for a husband who supports this endeavor as well.  Not everyone has that kind of support.  It's why groups like these REALLY come in handy for those who need encouragement that don't get it at home.  I'm lucky enough to have it here at home, in my group, in the CNY triathlete community, with my coach and SO many others.  I really hope that some way I can be of encouragement to someone else.  Just to get out there and stop living in fear!  

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