Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Low Impact Swim Class

Hell MUST have frozen over because I was seen in a swimsuit for my very first swim class. I cannot tell you HOW scared I was to walk around in front of people in a swimsuit.

After I got through the deer in a headlight look, I got in the pool and spent an hour just stretching nice and easily for an hour with a low impact workout.  I felt great and even made friends afterwards in the sauna drying off.

It's been good to get back in the swing of things.  Last Wed. I was achey all over my body. By Thursday I had a sinus infection and my knee was hurting from the incline walk the night before. It was kind of unusual as I've done an incline walk and hadn't felt so bad.  My poor body was fighting itself. Cross between the weather, sinus infection, Ovarian Cysts which I suspected burst, and just feeling pretty darn sick.  I wrestled with MANY things over the weekend.

FINALLY I'm back in the game so-to-say. Coach asked me to wait until I was done with the z-pack to start back up.  Even then, we're treading lightly since my knee feels achey still.  We've been trying to build my leg muscles up. They are crap. I haven't really used them in YEARS, so its no surprise.

Tomorrow I have aqua running to keep me running therapeutically without putting added stress on joints and muscles.

Friday I'll be on the bike trainer.  THAT is a different sort of pain.  It's a burn.  It's also an extreme mental challenge for me. I have to get past the mental fear of not being able to finish it.  Two weeks ago I did an hour on the bike and it was EXCRUCIATING!  Last weekend I had to miss a training session thanks to the issues I was dealing with.  NOW I have to work back up again.  My hope it to get 1hr and 15 minutes in.

I also know I have to eat MORE. I've always skipped breakfast. During training days I'd eat a banana.  That is until my coach found out.  If I don't eat more, my body will find it harder to run.  It may be why last bike training I really felt awful.  We'll see how it works this week!

So far I've had oatmeal for breakfast, a Chia protein bar, we stopped at Moe's after the gym and I got a veggie bowl NO CHIPS, No cheese. Just salsa, veggies, rice and beans.     Baked Sweet Potato for dinner with a salad.

Unlimited water today and I've had 20 ounces of orange pekoe tea with lemon.

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