Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fighting Through The Challenging Weeks. I WON'T give up!

The past couple of weeks have been challenging at the least. The muscles and tendons in my legs are feeling quite painful.  My coach says the more we get into training the harder it may be for these muscles for right now. It's because my legs have just never used all these muscles.

I had to stop running on the treadmill and now I'm doing Aqua running. I haven't taken pictures because of privacy for the other patrons but I must admit that it's a first for me. I wouldn't ordinarily be caught alive in a bathing suit in front of people, let alone those who are thin.  It's for my health so I sucked it up and got in the darn pool!

THIS week, I started feeling better with a little rest to my legs BUT I have a toddler and things need to get done in my home.  I am noticing the cold weather affecting the pain too. Not really a HUGE pain but enough to know its my muscles and tendons screaming for mercy because they don't like being stretched.   They're just stiff muscles.  Who'd think it would be this challenging?!

Add to that our daughter is in the early stages of her potty training and has gotten MUCH more energetic lately and you have one tired momma trying to balance daily chores, a toddler, training and mental health and well-being.

This week I'm only getting 3 days of training.  I'm finding I HAVE to have a little rest both mentally and physically.

Oh how I wish we could afford a vacation. I'd do anything for a nice Disney Vacay. We haven't been able to afford a vacation since our honeymoon in 01'.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I tell people we give up luxuries so I can be at home to care for my husband and daughter.   I wouldn't give it up for the world.

With that said, we'll just make do and make our backyard a nice getaway. I'm hoping to get a bike for Doug soon so we can start incorporating exercise together as a family. THIS is why I'm working so hard!  Jamie (my coach) says this is usually where people quit because the work is hard. Not even a chance!

I'm not going to quit. I'm already feeling better than I have a year ago. Yes, I have aches and pains. Yes, I'm tired, and slightly overwhelmed at times.  This is NOT the time to quit.  20 lbs down and I'm planning to lose 43 more pounds by fall. I'm also planning to run that triathlon and get off my insulin.

I have an appointment with my endocrinologist. I'm dreading it. I LOATHE going to this Dr. but I'm excited to show him a loss and say, BOOM! I'm doing what you've said I couldn't do buddy. Your not stopping me and I'll be back come fall less than I am now, having gone through a triathlon and ready to hand back my insulin pump.

I'll document what happens on Friday.

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