Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Menu And A Day FILLED With Stress.

Breakfast:  Mean green smoothie

Lunch:  Sweet potato and cauliflower soup

Dinner: Hash browns and scrambled tofu

Snack 1:  banana cacao ice cream made with a cup of cashew cream

Snack 2: Vegan nuggets with light dipping sauce.

Today has been STRESSFUL! I'm not sure WHAT was up with Little Bear, but she was having tantrums all day long.  It's left me almost in tears and the night has ended with a terrible headache and strained neck.

I felt much like eating the stress away and even called Doug to buy a triple chocolate chunk cookie from Insomnia Cookies WITH a skim milk only to turn around and call him back to say never mind!  I decided that eating the stress would only make matters worse so I made ice cream out of frozen bananas and a small amount of cashew cream.

My husband kindly rubbed my neck and sore feet and just held me.  I love him for that! He has a long day on his feet in a cardiac unit and HE rubs MY neck and feet. I really have such a selfless husband. God bless him!

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