Thursday, March 6, 2014

1 hour aqua running today. Even I'm impressed by that!

What really made me smile was my yoga instructor yelling out "pick it up!" from the sidelines.  Not only did I have the class instructor but I had someone who knows my final goal pushing me.  I went in thinking the class would be easy-going and calming but I found myself breathing hard, sweating and exhausted by class end.

I had the greatest conversation with some new friends while in the sauna too. I spent a half hour in there!  All great ladies.  I think I'm starting to come out of my shell a little bit. Feeling the water a little bit.  Scared as all getup but just pushing through it all.  I don't ever recall feeling as inadequate as I have the past 4 years.  As all this plays out, I'm learning to be proud of where I'm headed and the work I'm already accomplishing.

It's not easy to break free of the negative attitude I've had all these years. Whether it's about myself, or a disappointment I've felt, or even anger because of a disappointment.  It used to be I'd eat all those feelings and anxieties away. Now I'm starting to deal with them without food. When I actually want something, I try to make a healthier vegan option for me.

This morning's breakfast was peanut butter on toast with a banana. and 16 ounces of water.

Lunch was a GREAT BIG SALAD with 16 ounces of orange peko tea.

Dinner was baked zucchini with a side of tomato sauce

a nice tasting orange with some popcorn for another snack

Tonight I'm feeling like chocolate.  If I don't allow myself some kind of treat, I won't be very long in this healthy lifestyle. I decided to make a simple cookie out of peanut butter, pureed banana, oatmeal, vanilla (not the imitation stuff either) and mini chips.  They turned out VERY tasty! I haven't eaten them all in one sitting either.

I'm so glad that I'm noticing such positive changes! I really am looking forward to Tri'ing this year.

Love and hugs!

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