Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm Slowly Starting To Bloom

I had a really great swim class today! I am learning how to properly swim for a Triathlon. Technically it's a basic beginner's class which I thought I'd need some refresher's on. I'm glad I took it. The teacher was SUPER nice, "I" was the minority in the class which I love because I am able to chat with AMAZING women of different cultural and spiritual backgrounds and learn so much from them.

I met another Tri girl who new me from my CNY post and asked if I was the girl in the pictures. When I said yes, she said "I knew it!" She was SO encouraging and very sweet to chat with.

Then I enjoyed the sauna once again where I was blessed to be able to get to know the women from my class. There is nothing better than enjoying good conversation. I went from the shy one in the corner (as usual) to finally warming up and talking their heads off.
I do believe a part of me is starting to relax a little more and just enjoy conversation without being so guarded all the time. It feels good!

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