Thursday, March 20, 2014


I think I'm going to make tomorrow a Reboot day from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. I haven't been at my optimal self. I have a double eye infection, the stress from the past couple of weeks has really compromised my immune system and I'm feeling bloated. A Mean Green Juice day is just what may make me feel better. I'll play it by ear, but since the weather is nice, I may do this in combination with RAW foods for the weekend.
If I'm at all honest, I've come close the past two weeks to throwing in the towel so to say. I don't do well under stress and pressure (that I put on myself by the way). Luckily these kind of days/weeks pass by and the sun starts to shine again leaving me with a shinier attitude than the day before. It's time to just keep moving. 

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