Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Latest Pics from January, Feb and March

It's working! I've lost 22 lbs, my blood sugars run between 85-100 with the lower number being the norm now. That low number is considered normal.  Evening sugars still need to go down more before I get off the pump, but fall is looking like an actual number to get off the pump.  I can see it in my face, someone even pointed out that my posture is better too. I see my skin getting looser and the weight is shifting down more.  This is an AMAZING transformation! August is coming quickly. I'm still a ball of nerves, but this is so exciting to have something to look at.

Sunday was an Aqua Run session for 45 minutes which ran into close to an hour because I had a friend with me.
Monday I walked at a fast pace for an hour (WITH my husband and daughter in tow). I managed to run around the track 2 and a half times.  It's been a couple of weeks since I've run on the treadmill because of my muscles and tendons being in such pain. I got good sneakers and am praying this will make the difference.
Tuesday 45 minutes of Aqua Run by myself.
Wednesday I'll be doing another 45 minutes of Aqua Run (maybe a back to back swim cardio class)
Thursday half hour walk on the treadmill (though I may sneak a small jog in there shshshshsh)
Friday Will be a bike training session. I keep thinking an hour but my coach predicts around an hour and 15 minutes.  Whatever the case it's going to be tough.

Saturday will be my day off.
Sunday TBA

As for my food intake. I haven't been getting enough. It took me a while to understand, but more of a little each day is better than nothing. I'd skip meals. Mostly breakfast. I wouldn't eat a whole lot even if it WAS healthy.  Our bodies just aren't fixed that way. They need fuel to keep them going. They need hydration...MORE than you think you do.  Once I got the knack of that last week, I raised my hydration up MORE and started eating more. I didn't have a headache and it didn't take me 2 hours to recover from my workouts.   I like getting to know my body.

Finally,  There are a whole lot of areas that I'm coming out of my comfort zone. I would rather HIDE than be seen in public in a bathing suit or looking like the only fat girl there. I've had to come out of that negative thought process. The only one judging me right now is ME. A negative self will not reap a positive outcome. It's why each minute of each hour of each day I take it one step at a time and focus on God as my center and allowing myself AND others a little grace.

This most certainly is a balancing act. It's not easy to balance an active toddler, housework, marriage and daily life on top of allowing myself the time it takes to get and KEEP myself healthy. It just HAS to be done though. We all MUST make time for good health and well-being. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually.

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