Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Plus Size Athletic Wear For Plus Size Athletes Please!

I walked into Walmart and left depressed and insulted. Juniors and misses all had some pretty nice workout clothes. I walked to plus size and didn't see any. I thought I'd ask the associate and she said, "I'm sorry ma'am, the biggest size we have is what's on the other side". She really did feel bad.
I decided instead of feeling like a victim, that I'd do something about it. I kindly went to the service desk and asked who I could put a complaint and suggestion to whomever the buyer of the store/s were. I in NO WAY accused the gentlemen nor did I speak to him disrespectfully. I shared that to have a workout section (nice large one at that) for one size and not even offering a few options for the plus size section is insulting. I told the gentleman that I work out 6 days a week and am training for a race. That I'd like their buyers to know that just because I am above their average size does NOT mean I do not exercise.
If you are a merchandiser or buyer of athletic apparel, could I suggest that you think about offering plus size clothes from 2XL and higher for those who desire to get healthy? I would also LOVE to see more quality sports bras in DD sizes or above for women who cannot get them in stores like Dicks, Sports Authority, etc. "If you build it, they will come".
I'd also like to share that I do not like shopping in a corner or on whole different floor from the rest of my dear friends. It make us feel like we are obsolete. If I'm at all honest, I'm sick of feeling that way! While I AM getting healthy, I don't want another plus size woman to feel as though she's worth nothing. If we want our communities to be healthy, we must provide resources to do so. It's awful hard to shop online without knowing how the fit is. Wouldn't it be great if more local stores carried sizes for women who fall to the back?!
"Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner"! 

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